We were inspired by the old website Neopets, thanks to Ananda's idea, and decided to make our own recreation of it. We decided to call it Script Pets as an ode to the fact that we were writing in JavaScript!

What it does

You can register and log into an account, select and customize a virtual pet, monitor its stats, and interact with it, specifically in a text adventure game.

How we built it

In building our project, we delegated frontend, backend, and database tasks among the three of us. Alexis handled the frontend with HTML and CSS using the Bootstrap 4 framework to design the user interface and website structure. Emily handled the backend with JavaScript to implement the text adventure game, as well as worked with HTML and CSS EA to ensure that the JavaScript functionality was working. Ananda handled CockroachDB and wrote the backend in Node.JS, express, and Sequelize.

Challenges we ran into

There were a lot of challenges when it came to designing the backend for the application. We had issues with using the Sequelize ORM for working with CockroachDB, as CockroachDB tutorials didn’t completely cover the information that we needed. We also found that designing user authentication had its own issues, with passport.js being a new technology to the backend developers. Working with express and the Pug view engine made some aspects of Node easier, but also complicated the process as it was new to the backend developers as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ananda is proud of working with express and sequelize for the first time, designing her most intricate backend, and for her CockroachDB work (with the help of a mentor!) Alexis is proud of completing her first successful hackathon, finally working on a Full Stack app, and using styling an app using Boostrap for the first time. Emily is proud of having a demoable project and for creating a mini game project start to finish.

What we learned

Alexis learned a lot more about the features of Bootstrap and also got a better idea of the process of full stack development. Ananda learned a lot about backend development in JavaScript and database design. Emily learned about debugging and JavaScript objects.

What's next for ScriptPets

In a fully realized ScriptPets, the user would be able to interact more with their pet. For instance, the user would have coins added to their account after playing the Choose Your Own Adventure mini game, which they could use to buy toys and food for their pet, and the user's pet would also increase in happiness. Additionally, more fun features like the option to chat with your virtual pet, become friends with other pet owners, and more adventure story lines would be added. There would also be support for collecting items, fun perks to certain story lines, and original art. On the front end, more mobile responsive design such as the ability to resize windows, would be implemented. On the backend, the goal would be to fully support the user creating their own character and seeing the character’s information as they go across the site.

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