I'm attending Liceo Scientifico in Italy (that's 12th grade in USA) and I needed to make all kind of mindmaps and flowcharts for school. However I failed to find a good (free) solution that did not feel awkward. Hopefully I found MyScript link.

What it does

You draw the shapes on the grey area at the bottom, MyScript parses the data and this app translates the shape data into DOM elements.

How I built it

In HTML, JS, CSS and hours of coding :)

Challenges I ran into

Time was the enemy, find a way to show shapes in HTML, smoothing the edges (it's still a bit rough)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works, only for rectangle and circle

What I learned

What's next for ScriptChart

Add images support, zoom-in zoom-out, add other shape support

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