Web-based lectures are becoming a more common occurrence in college campus' across the United States. We wanted to build a tool that will help significantly in students' learning experiences. Scribe accomplishes this by allowing students to find exactly where in the textbook that the web lecture points to, thus allowing them to read along before, during, or after the lecture and thereby enhance their ability to learn.

What it does

Scribe is a Google Chrome extension that takes the lecture video you are watching in Youtube and finds the exact spot in the textbook that the lecture is talking about. This can be as exact as the section or page the lecture is discussing, all in real time.

How I built it

Scribe is built on a java and python backend, powered by a java server and displayed with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We used the IBM Bluemix API to convert the audio from the Youtube files to text, and then we parsed through the text and found its location in the textbook with Microsoft Azure.

Challenges I ran into

Our main challenge was trying to accomplish everything we wanted to in the allotted amount of time. One of the first problems we encountered was trying to get IBM Bluemix to return the correct data. It was found to be a parameter error after hours of debugging and talking to the IBM mentors, we finally fixed it. We also ran into trouble creating our extension and getting our hack to display, but after some careful research, we fixed that too.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're mainly proud of finishing our project. Our hack came down to the wire, and we were still working on it with 15 minutes left until submission. It was very fulfilling to put up a full-stack hack that not only functions, but could prove useful in the future.

What I learned

We learned a lot about IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, and creating Chrome extensions. We even got a chance to implement Azure's machine learning. Even though it wasn't a big part of our final product, we did experiment with its machine learning to pick out key words from the lecture.

What's next for Scribe

Scribe currently only works for Youtube videos and Computer Science lectures. We'd like to be able to expand Scribe to cover other mediums like Vimeo and other subjects such as History and Math.

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