Inspiration Noticed that many people are struggling during class as there is hard to take notes, and listen to teachers at the same time. Not only that but many teachers share images on their screen that are hard to read out blurry to see and hard to take notes on. Scribe solves this problem.

What it does Scribe uses AI to make a notetaker that produces clean efficient notes through videos or images

How I built it I used flask, html, css , and python, along with the google speech recognition api, and firebase

Challenges I ran into It was tough to learn ocr and nlp in a day; however it was a great experience

Accomplishments that I'm proud of Im proud of making a fully functional webapp that uses two machine learning algorithms

What I learned I learned to keep trying during this hackathon. Learning how to use firebase and machine learning was really tough; however in the end I was able to make a fantastic project

What's next for SCRIBE I will try to implement this in my school

To confirm I was able to get the python nlp working as well as the UI. Was unable to connect the front end and backend

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