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We like cameras. We had a camera. The intel edison works well with cameras. Thus, we decided to do something hard with a camera.

What it does

Scribe uses a novel optical character recognition algorithm to transcribe handwritten text.

How I built it

The physical machine is nothing special. It is simply a button interfaced to a very nice microcontroller, which pulls images from a camera.

The difficulty came, however, when we needed to build and configure the linux kernel we wanted to run on the edison from scratch. How we ended up getting that to work, I have no ideal. Well, yes I do. The Intel table and a mentor helped us out a ton.

Challenges I ran into

Kernel hacking, and the fact that the edison, while quite nice, has a huge number of bugs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We wrote our own, relatively robust and accurate, ocr algorithms. That's kinda neat.

What I learned

Quite a bit about the deeper intricacies of the linux kernel.

What's next for scribe

winning all of the awards.

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