Your handwritten notes, taken anywhere, on any surface, converted to digital text


We wanted to create a solution for fast note-taking on the go, with the combined convenience of both handwritten and digital notes.

What it does

Notes can now easily be taken on your arm, wall, or table- any surface works. Record business ideas without searching for a pen and notepad. Enjoy the memory benefits of physically writing notes while maintaining a clean, searchable, digital copy. Always have instant access to your notes wherever you are. It’s the most convenient way to take notes.

How we built it


Using an optical PID sensor and pressure activated switch, Scribe Buddy reads the user’s pen strokes in real time. With a lightweight 3D printed body it feels like you’re writing with a real pen!


Using a Naive Bayes classifier, we are able to train the software to the user’s personal handwriting style. Initially, the user has to provide a few samples of each letter. Then, the Bayesian classifier is able to match a user’s pen strokes to letters, using the initial training input. Letters appear in your notes in real time.

Challenges we ran into

  • Using a bayesian classifier library in ways it was not designed
  • Mapping circuits and redesigning them for our needs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Using bayesian classifiers with relatively high accuracy
  • Familiarization with complex circuits in used hardware

What we learned

  • Bayesian classifiers
  • Circuitry
  • Soldering
  • Web development

What's next for Scribe Buddy

  • An interactive game to help kids practice spelling and writing
  • Additional organizational note-taking features
  • Automatic recognition of math functions and problem solver
  • Completely standalone pen, no computer connection needed
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