Many years ago there was a problem solving game called Scribblenauts. In this game a user was able to type out what he/she needed to solve a puzzle and it would appear in the game. No matter how weird the item was it would always spawn. Scribblenauts was a fun game but it didn't include a drawing feature for spawning objects and it lacked VR capabilities. Another thing it lacked was a multiplayer feature. This cumulation of things caused us to make a new game built on team work.

What it does

This game is a multiplayer machine learning mobile and VR game. On the VR side there is a player using a vive to traverse a puzzle game. But he can't do it alone. His friends must help him by spawning in game items from their phones. They do this by drawing or typing out what the player needs on a mobile website.

How I built it

There were four people in our team. Every person had a main role based on their unique skills. Cameron created a server that talked to the mobile website and the unity game. He integrated Machine learning to find out which doodles corresponded to which in-game objects. Mary worked with React.js to create a mobile website that could allow users to draw objects needed to solve puzzles in the game. Zachary built all the escape rooms and objects needed for the user to traverse the puzzle. And Kolten was the jack of all trades,

Challenges I ran into

Our main challenge was getting a canvas to work on a mobile phone and having a program recognize what a user drew. We eventually found a solution by trimming transparent pixels from the canvas and changing the fill color so azure could tell the difference.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We actually got everything to work..

Drawing works pretty well, the game spawns objects via a mobile phone and the game looks good. We're pretty hype.

What I learned

Network connections with, Unity, Azure Cognative Services

What's next for Scribble Escape

More levels, more objects, NLP

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