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What is Scribbitt?

Scribbitt is a journaling tool that leverages the power of social. Bringing those two elements together creates an unprecedented synergy resulting in the massive production of personal and family history. Scribbitt is the environment that harnesses that synergy, cultivates it, allows it to be productive, and in turn creates connections with the past, present and the future.

It is a subscription based web app with an accompanying mobile app and is currently in development.

Our Inspiration

Social media, through the instantaneous recording of our lives and immediate gratification of sharing it with others, has inadvertently produced a new behavior for recording personal and family history.This template of social media has proven to be the most effective tool for getting people to record their lives. Some may not call this journaling, yet that is exactly what it is. This massive group of people, most of whom have probably never participated in genealogy in their lives, are now producing the bulk of personal and family history that will become the genealogy of the future. That is the power of social, and we recognize that the driving force behind it is the timeless human desire for relationships, connections, and community.

The Problem

Hundreds of millions of people are now journaling that never were before, and that information is piling up in social media sites that were never designed to be a permanent repository of our personal and family histories. That information is genealogy for the future. There are also numerous online products vying for bits and pieces of that information. These are products such as traditional journaling sites, micro-journaling mobile apps, timeline apps, photo and video storage sites, storytelling apps, and many other sites designed to display personal information. This has created a unique genealogical problem for our posterity: unlimited digital information scattered across countless platforms.

With the innovation of Ancestry and similar sites we see the value of having genealogical information organized and easily accessible in a centralized location. This has made it much easier to create closer connections between the present and the past. The digital age has given us the opportunity to narrow the distance between the present and the future as well. However, the amount of personal and family information being recorded today is staggering compared to that of the past. We could potentially leave our posterity with the same problems we have had of spending an enormous amount of time and money trying to sift through scattered records of the past. Clearly, it would benefit our posterity if we left them with an organized, easily accessible, and centralized location for the genealogy of the future that we are now creating.

The Solution

The solution to this problem is Scribbitt, a premier, multi-purpose journaling tool. It is designed to have broad market appeal with longevity because it encompasses these key elements:

1. Actively promotes the creation and preservation of personal and family history
2. Leverages the power of social to capture the momentum of the existing behavior of social media users by encouraging it, allowing it to continue, and extending that behavior to non-social media users
3. Provides multiple services and features such as journaling, sharing, micro-journaling, timelines, photo storage, groups, personal blogging, etc., allowing the consolidation of many of the user's online behaviors to one site.
4. Provides an appealing Lifestyle around journaling
5. Creates broad appeal across multiple demographics
6. Creates a product that is Functional, Social and Emotional
7. Provides the user with control over privacy, organization, accessibility, sharing and customization
8. Allows for multiple social capabilities
9. Allows for growth and evolution

Core Features

  • Quick posting
    • Record and post using a familiar and easy format
  • Flexible Entries
    • Add entries with text and photos, create photo albums, videos and audio
    • Record life with quick, daily entries, or expanded traditional journaling style entries
    • Create personal and family histories to share now and to preserve as genealogy for the future
    • Create detailed life records of your ancestors, or for organizing genealogical research
  • Connectivity and Tiered Sharing
    • All entries can be private
    • Post to your Cover Page, a customizable private blog-style page only accessible by your Guests, or people you invite (Guests do not need a Scribbitt account to view your Cover Page)
    • Create additional personal Cover Pages, or collaborative group Cover Pages with other Scribbitt users
    • Post directly to Facebook from your Scribbitt account
    • Share through email
    • Through the My Connections area receive notifications from other Scribbitt users of which you are a Guest, view your social media feeds, and customize it for additional connections such as email, blog postings, news, etc.
  • Organization
    • Scribs, or categories, allow the organization of entries, photos and albums into multiple categories, not just one folder.
    • Organize all your memories the way you live and remember your life, and access those memories with the touch of a button.
    • Your Home Page is designed to be a hub of information, giving quick access to entries, photos, albums, categories, and social connections
  • Control and Customization
    • Maintain control over privacy, sharing, organization and your life's narrative
    • Scribbitt is malleable enough that you can shape it into a reflection of who you are and how you live your life.

Creating a Lifestyle

One of our goals with Scribbitt is to create an appealing Lifestyle around journaling by providing features that serve a functional, emotional and social purpose in the user's everyday life. In addition to the above mentioned features we will build this Lifestyle by continually adding new features and products such as:

  • Scribbitt Jr. Allows a safe and controlled environment for young children to begin recording their lives and interacting online with close family and friends
  • Imprints A highly customizable Timeline of the user's life, or of an ancestors life, that can be private, shared with close family and friends, or made public
  • Scribbitt Imprints Public Library A free and public online archive of user's published Imprints (we hope that in the future this feature can additionally be connected to and accessed through sites such as Ancestry or Family Search)
  • Scribbitt Groups Allows for individual Scribbitt users to come together to communicate and collaborate. Groups can be based on common interests, Family History, book clubs, exercise groups, friends and family, etc.
  • Scribbitt Org Separate accounts designed specifically for groups that have the desire to archive and share their activities in a private and secure setting. These groups would include church congregations, PTOs, clubs, homeschoolers, businesses, sports groups, etc.
  • Scribbitt Legacy A separate account and Imprints timeline set up for ancestors or deceased family members in which invited guests can collaborate on without having a Scribbitt account
  • Kindred A Pinterest-style forum made up of Scribbitt users that want to connect with like-minded people through the public sharing of entries from their Cover Pages
  • Scribs & Bitts Our Scribbitt Blog accessible to all users and the public which will cover a wide range of topics

Our Vision

We believe that the organization and preservation of our life records now will determine the quality of the genealogy for the future. The digital age has given us a wonderful opportunity to shorten the distance between us and our posterity, creating intimate relationships with them that will go far beyond what we have with our ancestors. It has also provided a way to enhance our current relationships by providing connections at our fingertips. Every aspect of our product and our business is aimed at strengthening those relationships through the recording and sharing of our lives. This idea is prevalent in our strategies for marketing and advertising, future products and features, and will be consistent in our plans as we move forward.

Our Challenges

When we started developing the idea of Scribbitt in 2014 we were bloggers. We were also stay at home moms with nine kids between us, with multiple home, church and community responsibilities. Like all busy mothers we were always looking for ways to make managing our lives easier, and what better place to find it than on the internet. We found tools to manage our homes and families, keep a budget, store photos, and share information with friends and family, making us one of the most sought after demographics for online products.

This background is what gave us the perspective from which Scribbitt was created. Ironically, it also proved to be our biggest challenge in this endeavour. So to meet the challenge we immersed ourselves in a world with a new language, full of technical people, Hacker’s Labs, and Angel Investors.

Our Accomplishments

We met with several experienced software engineers, businessmen and investors. We listened to their advice and critiques and adjusted our plan accordingly. We aligned ourselves with a local non-profit organization which provides mentors for start-ups in the software tech industry, and our mentor’s guidance has proven invaluable to us.

We knew it would be of benefit to have an experienced software engineer on our team, so we sought out a third partner. He has the knowledge to guide us through the technical aspects of this endeavour, and this partnership has overcome the extreme cost of software development. We are currently in development and are on track to launch to the public in the spring of 2016.

We developed our own DIY system for getting everything else done:

  • We educated ourselves on advertising, demographics, social media, branding and creating barriers to competition, and have focused plans in each of these areas.
  • We designed the product ourselves, everything from the functionality and flow to page design and graphics.
  • We became informed about start-ups and innovation methods.
  • We attended Rootstech 2015 and the Innovator’s Showdown to learn more about our place in the field of record keeping, genealogy and family history.
  • We are currently preparing to be an exhibitor at Rootstech 2016

What's Next for Scribbitt

Our main focus right now is preparing for the launch of our MVP to the public. We are currently running a social media campaign to generate exposure and interest. We are also registered as an Exhibitor for Rootstech 2016 and are very excited about introducing this product to a group of people who truly understand the importance of keeping personal and family histories.

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