Base is a complex game. This is part of what makes it a lifelong passion. But it can also make casual viewers feel intimated when it comes to learning the sport, especially if they don’t have someone to explain it to them.

What it does

Screwball brings another level of gameplay to baseball. For every at bat, fans of all experience levels can win points by accurately predicting the outcome - whether it’s a strikeout, a home run, or the batter winding up on base. For someone who is new to the ins and outs of the game, Screwball offers helpful tips and explanations. But for the lifelong fan, they can double (or triple!) down on their guess by predicting even more specific at-bat outcomes.

How I built it

As Interaction Designers, we work in the worlds of computer programming, visual design, and user experience simultaneously. We created the flow through rapid paper prototyping, which we then turned into a functional Adobe XD Prototype. At the same time, we got the ball rolling with an HTML/CSS/JavaScript prototype. All assets were custom built in Adobe Illustrator.

Challenges I ran into

Since our entire team is new to computer programming, getting the project built and shipped in 7 hours was a fantastic challenge. Working as a team is always a learning experience, so intertwining shared code was an extra level. We all had a great time, and definitely learned a lot in the best way possible - by doing.

What's next for Screwball App: Game Day Companion

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