This idea came to me during the BrickHack opening ceremony, when the sponsors were setting up their computers to give their talks. Constantly fiddling with plugging and unplugging video output cables can waste time, and it may not always work right. In some cases, a presenter may not have the right adapter for a projector or screen, or may not know how to properly set up their monitor configuration to give a good presentation. This solves that problem, and is a better solution than presenters submitting their presentations ahead of time. Some presentations may require extensive setup, so screen sharing is the best way to share.

How it works

This works by using WebRTC for peer-to-peer fullscreen video and audio sharing to broadcast multiple computer screens on one screen. The way this happens is as follows:

  1. A user creates a "room" on ScreenShare, and becomes a host. The host computer is attached to the projector or presentation screen. They are given an access code to send to the other presenters.
  2. The other presenters enter this access code on ScreenShare and join the room.
  3. From here, the host can see all of the other members' screens, and can switch between them, broadcasting each presenter in turn on the same screen.

What's next for ScreenSwap

This has real-world applications and could be very useful for events, business meetings, and in the classroom.

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