Augmented reality applications are enabling a speaker (or instructor, teacher, you name it) to see the audience and view the content they present. While some applications have emerged that allow to create slideshows and display their annotations to the speaker, we change the game and let the audience provide live feedback to tomorrow’s presenters. With connected audiences bringing their own mobile devices, we can bring the presented screen content (more frequent refreshes than slides, but less than video streaming) to the audience’s phones and tablets (or even remotely connected participants).

ScreenShare allows presenters to see the content they present and feedback of the audience all in a combining mobile application on the Epson Moverio BT-200. Rather than focusing on a single desktop application, ScreenShare will allow for a generic presentation of content, hints, and audience feedback together with a desktop or laptop computer used for content presentation. Leveraging web-based technologies, ScreenShare will allow presenters to see scaled feedback ratings from their audience (such as sliding from ”Struggling” to ”This is easy.”). The constant feedback will be a great benefit for learners. Consider future face-to-face classrooms mixed with remotely connected learners: the presenter (or educator) can help the audience’s following (student learning process) by being able to continuously adjust pace as content is presented. ScreenShare leverages existing devices through web technologies (cross-platform for the widest audience support) and enables questions to be posted by the audience.

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