Interviewing is broken. Engineers spend more time doing phone screens than coding. Companies spend millions of dollars on training interviewers, conducting unconscious bias training only to re-train them in a few months to catch up with the latest interviewing techniques. How can a company reclaim time from its engineers and employees yet reliably outsource their technical screening process?

What it does

This is where screenr comes into play. We solve this problem by hiring freelance professional engineers and industry experts who can screen your candidates on behalf of your company. When a candidate is ready to interview, simply send them an invite link to our service. Our interviewers conduct a thorough screening of the candidate and provide detailed and structured feedback. To simply put it, we are providing interviewing as a service.

How we built it

We built a basic mail server that can send email notifications to the candidate The candidate receives an email with a link to our interview dashboard where they can schedule time The candidate logs in at the allotted time and interview is conducted on a coderpad link The entire interview is recorded and detailed feedback is provided We utilized the browser's native functionality to get access to the camera in order to do calling. We used Sketch and Adobe XD for designing the basic user flows and interview interfaces

What's next for screenr

screenr provides every company no matter how big or small, the required experts at hand in order to screen and make informed hiring decisions faster. We want to fix the hiring pipeline and save tons of time that are being taken away from engineers/employees on a day to day basis for conducting technical screenings.

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