We wanted to create a tool that allows you to create fully customizable reports from Jira data by combining charts and text fragments. Reports can be used for sharing project status even with those who don't log in to Jira regularly.

What it does

You can construct a report and store it as PDF or schedule it to be sent to your colleagues via email or Slack.

How I built it

We first built a chart editor which allows creating custom charts such as line or bar charts. We also developed a List view which allows creating lists of issues. Finally, we created a report editor which allows combining charts and task lists into a report.

Challenges I ran into

There were no ready made chart libraries that would work out-of-the-box so we ended up customizing the charts quite a lot. Turning a HTML report into a PDF caused a few headaches as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The editor is simple yet powerful. The final reports look beautiful.

What I learned

With the right team, anything is possible

What's next for Screenful Reports

We'll add things like more complex layouts, new widget types etc.

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