ScreenAware helps agency teams to invoice clients accurately by automatically tracking and relating screen time to billable project tasks. No more guess-filling timesheets on Friday evening. No more hitting start/stop timers buttons in some time tracking app.

Focus on the real work without interruptions

Team members work on projects or tasks using a variety of desktop applications, files and websites, communicate with coworkers and clients via multiple channels and on top are often interrupted forcing to switch what they are working on. Keeping track of the time spent for each client or project only adds to this burden but is necessary to invoice the client correctly and to judge which projects are profitable and which are not. ScreenAware cares for this overhead allowing the team to focus on providing value to their clients.

Automatic Time Tracking

After installing a lightweight desktop app, it continuously captures the current work context noting interruptions and task switches. It then attributes all spent time to the team's billable projects/tasks. This happens in the background without requiring any manual input.

Accurate Invoices

At the end of a workday, each team member gets an email report showing which tasks he spent time on. Optionally he makes some adjustments and imports the effort spent into the companies favorite invoicing or project management solution.

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