The deadly COVID 19 figures, as of now:

Coronavirus Cases: 1,857,115 Deaths: 114,332 Recovered: 428,333

Social distancing needs to be the norm of day. No matter how socially isolated, a person needs to be cognisant about the COVID 19 cases in his/her social circle as well. Because, practising friends and family distancing can help in implementing social distancing on a larger scale.

What it does

The Screen My Screen (SMS) app synchronises the contacts list with the government COVID 19 database. It does so by applying efficient Machine Learning models.

How we built it

Python, AWS

Challenges we ran into

Accessing the government COVID19 database Linking mobile contacts to the database

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A feasible idea to help mitigate the crises

What we learned

What's next for Screen My Screen

We aim to approach national governments

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