We wanted to take advantage of the spatial mapping, voice activation, gesture recognition and spatial audio. We also thought it would be interesting to revisualize our surroundings. It turned into a fire fighter trainer.

What it does

You walk around the room you are in, but its on fire. Everything is on fire. You have to find all the fires in the room and put them out by either clicking on them, or turning on your fire hose using voice activation.

How we built it

Built in Unity using HoloToolkit

Challenges we ran into

Optimizing the project to run on hololens. Particle effects are very heavy so we made all the fires into physical blocks that are in the space as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building this in the time showed how easy it is to start developing in hololens.

What we learned

Surface recognition in hololens is sometimes pretty incredible.

What's next for Screaming Fire

Adding multiplayer mode

Built With

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