"Useless Stuff Nobody Needs"


We wanted to create the most useless website that screams "sh*t that nobody needs".

What it does

It does useless things. You can click on the "play" buttons to hear people screaming "sh*t that nobody needs". When you click on the "Click Me!" button, "sh*t that nobody needs" appears. If you try to click on the "Try me!" or "Push Me!" button, the button will escape from you before you can click on it! There's a useless paragraph of Lorem ipsum.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS and some JavaScript to do the website. We used "w3school", " Google Font" and color templates to help us create our website. We used "w3school" for CSS and HTML to find solutions to our problems.

Challenges we ran into

We've never written codes in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so we had to search everything up and watch tutorials.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our useless website! It is the most useless project we've ever coded, but it was really fun!

What we learned

We learned how to create a website using CSS, HTML and JavaScript!

What's next for Scream!

Add more useless stuffs and the slogan "sh*t that nobody needs" on the website!

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