2020 (colorized)

Watch the demo video at https://youtu.be/bL3RkvMwvwE


Countless major issues are happening all at once in 2020. And while it's important to stay up to date, engage with current events, and of course follow CDC guidelines, we all just need a good scream (socially distanced and with masks on of course). So, we bring to you, 2020 (colorized) to lighten up your day and mood.

What it does

2020's biggest monsters: Covid, California fires, bottomless student debt, mutant farting animals (climate change and GMOs!). All running at you, and the only way to survive is to scream. Each time you scream, you push the monsters away momentarily, but more keep coming back...will you get out alive?

Challenges we ran into

Half of our team was across the globe, so working with time zones to ensure collaboration was difficult. Additionally, none of us had rich experience with game design or game engines, so this was a fun learning experience for everyone!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The game perfectly encapsulates how so many students around the world are feeling. And sometimes it's difficult to find joy in the small things, so we believe we've really been able to bring that through 2020 (colorized).

What we learned

We all designed our very first game! We also learned a lot about virtual collaboration and communication and the importance of letting go sometimes and being carefree.

What's next for 2020 (colorized)

Multiplayer functionality that is able to accommodate for different microphone qualities and is able to differentiate user sounds.

We suggest using Chrome for the best experience

Built With

  • construct
  • design
  • mad
  • patients
  • skillz
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