• My new kitten, Ash, as well as all of the other kittens that my friends and I have adopted.

What it does

  • Social Media Platform Designed solely for cute cats, as demanded by the spike in pet adoption thanks to COVID-19 and quarantine.

How I built it

  • Node JS, Express, MongoDB Atlas, Passport all deployed with Heroku.

Challenges I ran into

  • Deploying with Heroku — errors are particularly hard to debug because of vague errors in console log.
  • Figuring out routes (RESTFUL)
  • User Authentication
  • We are both beginners at web development, so launching a fully working product was a huge undertaking for us that we successfully accomplished.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Learning Node, creating a fully functional social media application in one night

What I learned

  • that cat allergies are always worth the cat

What's next for ScratchPost

  • direct image upload, right now you have to post to imgur and copy/paste image address.
  • fingers crossed that my DNS works in time for judging, because is a pretty catchy name. Shoutout to my friend Hareem for the idea.
  • better UI and theme

Please feel free to add comments and pictures of your own cats! I always love seeing cute cats. (you might have to upload to imgur first and copy/paste image address)

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