Upon finding out that Chainlink released there VRF functionality on testnets, I decided I wanted to make a provably fair chance game that I had not seen done yet.

What it does

Scratch is a scratch card game that provides prizes in link and distributes collected card fees back to the users on round by round basis.

How I built it

My stack included Solidity with Chainlink VRF, Javascript, React, HTML, CSS, Truffle.Deployed on Kovan testnet. I started by testing smart contracts utilizing nethereum/c# and then moved to integrating with the website front end.

Challenges I ran into

A lot of coding humps and bumps along the way to solve small and large problems.These included solidity code debugging and interaction, react utilization. VRF integration.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building smart contracts integrating with new technology.

What I learned

The biggest thing I learned for this project was smart contract development process.

What's next for Scratch

Scratch will integrate NFTs for large prize winners and will be used to learn to develop other provably fair game systems.

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