We knew how much food is wasted in the world, and how poor many are, especially since we're college students. This system contributed to the betterment of both of these situations. We want to promote sustainability, especially in a society where food is so accessible to us.

What it does

This food sharing application allows users to post pictures of their food ingredients to sell at a reasonably low price, whether they're out of the package or not. You begin by creating a profile, and scroll through a feed with a food listing. You can choose which item you want to purchase after looking through descriptive details and understanding sellers' ratings.

How we built it

We built in solely on Android Studio, focusing our attention on mobile application development. Utilizing this IDE requires building in Java, and integrating what we had with Google Cloud Platform. We created our database using Firebase, and utilized Google's image recognition API to detect details from users' inputted images.

Challenges we ran into

Most members of our team were not experienced with Android Studio, Firebase, or Google's API, but we wanted to implement this idea regardless of all the lack of knowledge we attained. One of the hardest things we had to understand how to use was Google's image recognition API because no one had experience with that before, and there were various ways to implement it. We tried all ways, and through the help of a mentor, was able to choose the best one for our situation. Additionally, we took awhile to finalize our idea considering the varying levels of skill sets within our group, so we ran out of time. Most importantly, it was the first hackathon for three out of four of us, and getting used to the atmosphere and expectations really held us back initially.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

When we met in the beginning of the hackathon, we discussed our goals which primarily consisted of learning. We knew this weekend was an extraordinary opportunity for us to gain more knowledge of computer science and all the resources available to us. One of our members, a Biomedical Engineering major, knew very little knowledge before this weekend, and although he was overwhelmed by the amount of skills in this room, he developed a stronger love for computer science. And for the rest of us, that's all we needed to see to make this weekend worth it.

What we learned

We learned SO much, and it is an experience we'll never forget.

What's next for Scraps

We wish to continue to finalize Scraps and really develop itself into its potential. For the Google Image Recognition, we hope to utilize more of its features into our application by binding the labels from the results and implementing a sorting system for our feed. We also hope to make the design more aesthetically pleasing, considering how right now, it is simple Android/Material Design.

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