Scrap Metal

I love "Pocket Tanks". My obsession for this type of game started with "Worms", an old classic that my best friend and I used to spend hours on. Having always been fascinated by software, I used to wonder how complicated the codes for such games must be. Once I became confident in my understanding of Object Oriented Programming, I realized that it was perfect to build such a game. I decided to put my skills to the test by creating this simple game. It's text-based because I hadn't learnt how to work with graphics yet but was eager to get my hands dirty.

Play the Game Now

Do check out the source code as well as a .exe file through which you can actually play my game in your command terminal.

Go to the project on my GitHub profile linked below. Download the file main.exe and run it on your computer. Your computer will warn you that running a .exe file could harm your computer but you should click on "More Info" and then on the "Run Anyway" icon that appears.

I would suggest setting your command terminal size to 10x18 though this is not necessary. Enjoy!

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