While searching for internships and summer jobs, we found that the process of looking through so many different platforms was inefficient and time consuming. In search of a solution, we turned to creating our own application that could streamline the job search process.

How we built it

This project was constructed using flask and react with an AWS backend in a full packaged serverless application. We began with a simple template with paired use of AWS Amplify and an EC2 instance and used this structure to implement a React frontend and Flask backend. By considering the easy usability for future professionals as well as the most efficient method for handling requests, we implemented a serverless GraphQL API within the frame. Finally, Scrambl went through iterative debugging and refinement to create the eye-appealing final product.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a particular issue with the integration of both the backend and the frontend with python and JS, but were able to overcome this by approaching it with the Axios library and more specifications on the python side. Additionally, with this being our first hackathon, time management and load distribution was a difficult endeavor, but we were able to move past this with structured goals for each day.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Through the devoted contributions of both Aditya and Kaustubh, we were able to create an efficient yet complex algorithm with such difficult time restrictions. Additionally, with the web-scraping backend, Scrambl proved effective at completing the aggregation of multiple search results even without a developed API for most of the job application platforms.

What we learned

We were able to grow our knowledge of the variety of libraries available for app/web development and expand the use of cloud services in this application. We also learned the importance of time-management within hackathons and hope to compete again in such competitions!

What's next for Scrambl

We hope to expand this platform into a fully functional program for professionals to normally use.

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