What it does

SCP Generator is hosted on a website and upon requesting a file pulls a randomized, generated SCP Foundation WIki entry and image.

How We Built It

The current iteration of our project implements the use of markov chains generated from 1000 entries of the original SCP wiki. All text from each webpage was automatically stored into an array and cleaned of all HTML tags. The information from all of the visited pages was stored into a text file, from where the chains were generated.

To spawn random images for the entries, we found a Chrome extension to download entire galleries of Instagram profiles and proceeded to pull images from profiles posting cursed images or creepypastas. From our archive, we then created a naming system and the the website pulls a random image for each entry.

Challenges We Ran Into

We initially started the project using LSTMs to generate the text, however we were limited by computational power and time. Text generated by our LSTMs was often repetitive and any attempts to work around this produced incoherent English and often just random amalgamations of characters.

We switched over to using markov chains late Saturday night, which left us little time to redo all of our previous progress.

What's next for SCP Generator

Formatting and consistency in generated text.

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