The fairy-core style was inspired by many artists on scratch! I really like mushroom and fantasy-type things, so I thought, “what if I could make this into an RPG game?” I was also inspired by many other RPG games in my life, including the most recent Google Doodle Olympics game! The cat idea came from my love of drawing feline creatures.

What it does

This game teaches players about how technology has improved after the pandemic, but in a metaphorical way. This game is about a world where a “Petal Plague” happens instead of the Coronavirus, and younger students will enjoy the fantasy-style scenario, since it is similar to real life and appeals to kids.

How we built it

I took it one step at a time! First I coded the movements for the main character, Ash, then coded the different rooms, then coded the teachers, and finally the mini-games and activities. I used techniques such as variables, keeping score, randomizers, and more! The last element I coded was the fireflies- it was a last minute idea, but I was able to make it work in the end.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge that I came across was fixing all the bugs- especially bugs that had to do with layers. Sometimes, after clicking on a character, they would suddenly move to the completely wrong layer and I had to figure out what to do. Also, making the math minigame was really challenging and the score at the end would suddenly disappear, and guess what- that problem also had to do with layers! Those pesky layers. Luckily, I realized it was a simple fix!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am really proud of the mini games in each classroom, especially the math one. I didn’t have time to make too many math problems, but I think that it is a fun and unique game that requires nothing but knowledge in math to play, and really adds to the school environment!

What we learned

During the process of creating this game, I learned that a simple idea could expand into a huge masterpiece when I keep adding onto it! I had barely 2 days to make this game, and it turned out pretty solid, so I can’t even imagine how well it would turn out if I keep working on it more! (And I am going to do that when this contest is over!)

What's next for Scoutville Academy

Scoutville Academy will always be open to improvements and renovations! First of all, I would really like to add some more interactables, like triggering a sound effect when something is clicked on, or adding some students in the hallways that the main character, Ash, can talk to. I was also thinking of adding a little more animation to the background. This can help add a little life to the project!

Built With

  • scratch
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