In high school, I played tennis and was scouting for a scholarship. Most of the colleges are now looking mostly at football so because of this it can be hard for some players to be scouted by colleges in their particular sport. My sister is also going through the same thing as well because she plays volleyball. Soon she will be applying for colleges and will want to know what coaches are requiring as well as what they want from a player and this network could be used for that!

What it does

ScoutingConnect is a website that allows users to either be a coach or a player. If you are registered as a coach then you can give information about the college such as academics as well as what you are looking for in a player as well as what games you might be attending! For players, you can see the next games that coaches have announced to attend as well as post your highlights for everyone to see how well you can play. ScoutingConnect is not just a hosting platform but it is a social network intended for everyone to be able to communicate what they love about their sport!

How I built it

I do not have any Html or any website experience for that matter, but decided I wanted to learn here at Pickhacks. I found tons of YouTube tutorials that are designed for websites and began there. After I watched enough where I knew I could begin, I found a template. I used this to get started and get my guidelines and then I went to work and that's where ScoutingConnect was born.

Challenges I ran into

A challenge that I ran into was getting my website up and hosted. All I had to use was the internet, my MacBook, and my imagination. After finally asking for help, the website was created and I was running. As time went on I persevered and used Google for nearly every question I had after that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of doing this project basically from scratch all by myself. I worked on this in my spare time away from the main project with my team and I am thrilled about how it came out with the design and features.

What I learned

Some new topics that I learned this weekend are how to use Html, how to create a website with the Google Cloud Platform, and how to think independently about my own design choices.

What's next for ScoutingConnect

Potentially after this hackathon, ScoutingConnect could become more than a website and be an app across all platforms. Now I know that this is a stretch because I need users to make this idea a reality so I will begin marketing to many of our recruiters and coaches on my college campus as well as local high schools in the area!

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