Apps built for Cardboard are stationary experiences. However, I noticed an interesting observation from my brief demo with the Vive's "Job Simulator" and "theBlu'". In "Job Simulator", I felt restricted since I wanted to explore the office, but in the back of my mind I knew that I could not step beyond the cubicle. In contrast, I did not feel that restriction in "theBlu'" despite being confined by the railing of the sunken ship. My guess is that it is because in "theBlu'", it never occurred to me to step over the railing.

My goal is to design a virtual experience that fits the Cardboard experience. Similar to "theBlu'", this Cardboard experience should guide people to naturally fit within the restrictions of only being able to look around. To further the experience, the game should encourage only looking around and make that a core aspect.

Scout aims to bring the player to a world where they are tasked with only looking around counting enemy units.

What it does

You are a Scout, hidden in a bush in the middle of an enemy castle. Your job is to count the guards with the goal of reporting the enemy numbers to your superior. Guards will randomly roam around the base from all four entrances.

How I built it

I found the appropriate models for the castle and guards. I then created four spawners that randomly generate guards on a timer, and utilized a NavMeshAgent to move each guard to a randomly chosen spawner as the destination.

Challenges I ran into

I was unable to find a way for the player to input the number of guards without breaking immersion. In the end, I resorted to trying to build a tagging system using the magnetic trigger. I managed to get the tagging working, but with no feedback onto which guards are tagged and where your gaze is, the system might as well not be there.

I also could not implement a way to end the game on time. I had the start of a daylight system working, with the "sun" arcing across the sky, and when it becomes "night", then the idea was to sneak out and report the numbers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a living world. While I did not meet my intended goal, I am satisfied that this is at least a world that I am interested in looking at. The assets I found complement each other and fit together enough to not break my immersion immediately.

What I learned

It's hard to design a natural fit for inputing numbers. Feedback on my original idea led me to change the theme to have the player scout in 360 degrees instead of just a hallway.

What's next for Scout

I'd like to finish the day/night system so you spend one "day" counting guards. I'd also like to equip guards with unique weapons and have the player count unique guards. I'd like to have some natural way to report enemy numbers and have a limited number of guards.

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