As an active NFT trader since the dape mint, I've spent way too much time scouring the interwebs trying to stay ahead of all of the developments in the Solana NFT ecosystem. Now that there are mints happening every day, there's an impossible amount of information to keep up with to stay informed. I built Scour to organize this information and save myself time.

What it does

Scour aggregates every NFT across every marketplace in a simple to use interface. You can view real-time activity across the entire ecosystem, browse unified marketplace listings, and analyze historical market data.

How we built it

Scour indexes on-chain NFT events in realtime and organizes the results to produce useful insights.

What we learned

Solana to the moon

What's next for Scour

Relentless iteration towards the best end-to-end NFT platform for every stage of a user's NFT journey.

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