We searched for music score sharing websites, only to find and imslp etc. There are poorly designed and hard to use. Users cannot actually get an idea of how the complete music sheets look like and they're unable to get the idea of the sheets visually.

What it does

Provide visualization of music sheets and a place for composers to share their work.

How we built it

We hardcoded a C library "libtimidity" using Emscripten to Web.asm and used ArrayBuffer and HTML5 Audio API to play the converted WAV format sound. Then, we synchronized the sound with JavaScript Canvas, drawing the actual keyboard of the piano on the screen.

Challenges we ran into

Complex HTML5 API structure, running C programs in the web browser, canvas 2d context.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coded a blazingly fast midi visualizing app running in a web browser (which is supposed to be slow).

What we learned

Running C programs in web browsers and draw something on the canvas and animate them.

What's next for ScoreShare

Build a forum system and user login system. A recommendation system for deciding the trending, newest, and most like score sheet n the website.

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