As kids, we had our own made up games that we played with other friends, and we would want an easy way to keep score of these various games.

How it works

This universal scorekeeper can be completely customized, the end-user is not restricted to any particular games that they can keep score of. After the user presses on the "Begin!" button, he/she is directed to the memory storage screen, where they can choose which memory slot to save their game on. Once that has been selected, the user will move on to the player and score keeping spreadsheet. On this page, the app user will enter all of the game's scores.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge we encountered was that we did not know how to store data on the internal storage of the device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are extremely proud of the User Interface. The end product, in our opinion, looks and feels great. We are also proud that we got this much done in just 24 hours, including several hours planning and debugging the app.

What I learned

We learned how to store our app data on a device. We also learned how important it is to plan before we develop, as it creates an image of our end product.

What's next for ScoreMe

Due to the lack of time, we were not able to do everything that we had originally intended. But, we do plan on making adding these features onto the app in the future. We would like to add a Leaderboard and Settings page. The Settings page will have many customization features for the scoreboard. The Leaderboard will have the positions of all of the players and indicate the first, second, and third positions. We would also like to add more memory boxes to add more data points, and we would also like to add more storage slots to increase the number of saved games on the app.

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