The football space globally has a large market with various potentials which is still largely untapped. The sporting space doesn't have a platform that meet the needs of sport fans as a whole in terms of predicting football matches on the blockchain, getting accurate predictions with the use of Al for bettors, and earning by connecting football fans virtually amongst others.

​​The Scorefam platform, powered by the Scorefam Token (SFT) – a system that empowers fans to take a meaningful, active hand in predicting various outcomes in a football match of their favourite football clubs and allows football fans to earn rewards while engaging on the Scorefam Social Network for football lovers. This is made possible via the novel application of a scalable, blockchain-based Token purchasing and utility infrastructure; brought to life through the secure, trustless deployment of the token and executed via smart contracts on the Scorefam platform.

This platform was built by the in-house developers

Getting investments to reach the next milestone

We have gained over 7000 users in the space of 5 months.

Users want a gaming experience that will be profitable, fun, safe and seamless

We are transforming Scorefam into a platform that will be for sport lovers on the blockchain fully, which means every existing feature currently on Scorefam will be dependent on the Scorefam Token

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