I have been a talkative student my entire life. Expressing myself at silent places has always been hard to control. Afterall, none of us want to get punished right? We all pass comments in class - "Damn she's so boring!", "Woah! Did he just say that?", "I love the way he teaches!"

Meeting a bunch of new people with my Friends. How to pass comments about them without being in an awkward situation? How to tell my friend about how crazy I feel for the girl who we just met, with her having 0% doubt?

I just finished my High School. So I was wondering, why not create something small, to help millions of people avoid such situations?

When I finally found my solution to it. I realized, this can be used in so many other MAJOR fields. AN INTERVIEW. Judging panel can exchange their views without letting the candidate know.

What it does

Allows 2 people to judge a 3rd person just by Tapping

*It has 2 columns. Each for a friend. They can tap on BORED, WEIRD, NICE. Each button allotted with specific score. Color co-ordinated. So express yourself freely without even looking on screen. *

Row2 has a bonus usage for students, who count the number of times a few people keep repeating words. Fun part of the App.

How I built it

Built it purely with JAVA for my Backend. Providing simplicity for Frontend of the Android App using XML.

Challenges I ran into

Having 3 days in my hand. 1 day of Brainstorming. Building the best out of the time I had left.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building the Entire Frontend and Backend of the AndroidApp on my own. Being a freshman student, getting a chance to compete with world's most innovative developers. Most important, doing what I love doing the most.

What I learned

People can surprise you with their Skills.

What's next for ScoreBored

It can be used to Rate Professors for their perfomannce in a class. Will make it an asset for socially awkward people to interact.

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