What it is

Score Tracker is a Java application that allows you to track the score when playing board games instead of using paper.

What it does

_Once you launch the application, you chose how many players will be playing the board game. _You next chose what type of score tracker you would like to use by selecting a game from the list of score trackers from the pop-up menu. _Tap the + and - button under each player to add +1 or -1 to their total score _You can add a value in the middle to chose how much to add or remove from the player's total.

Games supported

_Tic tac toe



_Guess Who?

_Connect 4


_Dots and Boxes



How we built it

We built it using Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA

Challenges we ran into

Creating the interface with the buttons (just kidding, pretty much everything)

What we learned


Built With

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