We started building our platform in early 2020 when most of the blockchain games in existence were gambling applications. Although gambling is a big market, we felt that we needed a way to bring traditional gamers to Web 3.0 at a large scale. We set out to build a scalable gaming architecture that would allow the average gamer to compete with their peers in PvP skill-based games. Over the last 2+ years, our platform has matured and adapted to unite gamers, game developers, and guilds.

As a gaming studio who wanted to bring fun games to the blockchain space, we also set out to build several proof-of-concept games that will launch exclusively on our platform.

What it does

Our platform provides Web 3.0 solutions that allow game developers to easily integrate and monetize their games via our platform, without the need to be a blockchain developer. It allows any game to utilize our payment module for tournaments and competitive gaming. This will allow hundreds of thousands of games to become a part of Web 3.0 without much effort. From simple games such as Street Fighter and PacMan, to AAA games such as Call of Duty, they can now integrate into web 3.0 with a sustainable monetization model.

How we built it

We built our platform with scalability in mind. We are using a microservices architecture in order to facilitate scaling as our platform grows. We also use AWS scaling solutions to accomplish this. We had to test many technologies before finding the right one that fits our needs.

Challenges we ran into

When providing PvP gameplay to users, security is the #1 challenge for the platform. In April 2021, the ScoreMilk co-founders filed for a patent that aids in the deterrence of bots and cheaters. This technology is now patent pending. What it does is that it utilizes human-only readable content as actual gameplay elements. This gives the real player an advantage over any software bot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a solution that addresses some of the biggest barriers to blockchain gaming adoption.

We already have a working prototype where one of our proof-of-concept games, called Snake, is integrated into our beta. It can be tested from the link provided below. You can currently play with TRX or Wrapped Ethereum(Polygon). More blockchains will be integrated soon. This has not been made public as we are still tweaking it. It is simply shared with you for testing. Also, this game already utilizes our patent pending tech.


What we learned

We learned that blockchain gaming has a lot of challenges. Nonetheless, a good team can overcome these challenges with creativity and perseverance.

What's next for Score Milk

Our next goal is to grow our network and execute our business plan in order to bring mass adoption to blockchain gaming. We are looking to find strategic partners and investors that will help us grow and become the best gaming platform for Web 3.0.

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posted an update

Over the last four weeks, the ScoreMilk team has integrated the Tron blockchain into the ScoreMilk gaming platform. We have completed the Tronlink wallet integration, the matchmaking module that pairs TRX gamers based on selected amounts, the payment module that receives the funds and then disburses them to the winner once the winner is determined, and we have started working on the social features to onboard partnered gaming communities. We have also finalized the Snake game which serves as a prototype game for our patent pending technology that injects human only readable content into game elements(patent filed April 2021). This gives a competitive advantage to a human player over a bot. Below is a demo:

We can provide access to our working demo environment via email. On this environment you will be able to play against each other and see the matchmaking and payment module in action.

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