We wanted to build a simple application that would be a useful tool for users and a way for us to learn something new and try something new. A lot of people are really into astrology and learning about how their astrological sign plays in their life. We wanted to build something that would be useful and simple tool for people into astrology.

What it does

ScopeMobile is a simple application where the user would put in their name, phone number, and astrological sign into our website, then their information would be added to our database. Once added to the database the Twilio API sends them their horoscope through SMS.

How we built it

Neala Mendoza: Designed how the website looked in Figma, worked on Front-End Of the website, Designed logos and icons for website!!!

Kyle Edward Galido Java: Developed & Designed the Database with the Google FireStore Database, worked on configuring text SMS with the Twilio API. Worked on getting the horoscope with the Aztro API. Wrapped up the Back-End With Python's Flask!!!

The Front-End Of The Project Was Build With HTML, CSS, And The Bootstrap Library. The Back-End of the project was built with Python for API requests, Flask to host templates of the Front-End, The Aztro API to get the horoscope's, The Google Cloud Platform for their cloud services, And The Twilio API for sending SMS messages to users. The DataBase We Used Was The Google FireStore DataBase.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time using the Google FireStore Database so we had to do a lot of research on it, but fortunately we were able to get through with it. We also have never implemented the Twilio API into any of our projects so that took some time to learn. It was also our first time learning about the Aztro API for gaining different horoscope's for different astrological signs. Getting all these technologies to work together was difficult but we were managed to get it in the end!!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to implement the Google FireStore database for the first time. Utilizing the Twilio API into our project. Learning how to use the Aztro API. Overall, learning how to wrap these technologies and tools together!!!

What we learned

We learned how to use the Google FireStore Database, The Twilio API, And The Aztro API. We learned more about The Google FireBase & The Google Cloud Platform applications and IT resources. We also learned more about NoSQL databases!!!

What's next for ScopeMobile

We want to implement a way for users to receive these messages daily. We also want to implement a way for users to get their horoscope's from previous days. We also want to implement a way for users to get more information other than their horoscope's, like their lucky number or astrological compatibility with other signs!!!

We Are Team Number 5!!!

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