We feel that the conventional "one way zoom" mode of online classes are ineffective and inefficient. There's a disconnect between online lectures and classroom socialization, and we also feel that the internet is not being used as much as it could be.

What it does

Saves time by helping teachers track attendance more quickly

Has an easy to use pop quiz system that allows teachers to measure engagement and absorbance of material

A powerful quick search feature that queries the web for images and relevant links

A fun trivia feature that queries an API for questions from various categories

How we built it

Using discord's python API, rapidAPI

Challenges we ran into

Issues with discords API that prevented certain functions from meshing well with others. Took more time than we would've liked to debug

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The bot does everything its supposed to do excellently. It could definitely persuade teachers to switch to a new platform like discord and it would save them a LOT of time.

What we learned

The various nitty gritties of Collaboration on GitHub

What's next for ScoothBot

Assignment tracking. Time limit warning when someone speaks in the VC for too long. Integrating more educational APIs. Using ML to generate intelligent reminders to individual students.

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