I was inpired by the workshops in the hackathon where everybody share information for the seek of the community, and with the pandemic and many new things that they're coming we must be interested in scientific research.

What it does

it is used to:

  • share Abstracted Scientific Researches in pdf format with others to not waste time wading through large amounts of survey journals and research papers. -get help from the community in scientific research by asking questions and getting answers in the Q&A Forum.

How I built it

I've built it using the .net core with an mvc model which provides services to extract and store data from json files and create dynamicly razor pages with blazor.then, i've used express and bcrypt for the authentification system with node.js,after that, i've used a blog styling template and i've adopted a pdf 2data package to display the pdfs (Abstracted Reseaches) in their blog pages.

Challenges I ran into

make all the dependencies work properly (for node.js) sort the abstracted researches by date and views add more features

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did a nice styling and formatting of the web pages and i think that the idea is quite good, since i've lost all my worspace when i was trying to push it through the remote repo.

What I learned

the first thing that i've learned is how much is different if you have a client (or someone who's going to see your work like the judges) or not (like i used to be) when you're coding. the second thing is that i'm used to use sql databases which are quite easy to access and select data from, in this project i've used json files and some libraries in .net core for the first time.

What's next for SciResearchHub

i've gotta rebuild from scratch now since i've screwed it Hhhh and develop it and add more features to it. the main thing i'm not gonna give up.

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