Scifinder was inspired by the Data in Health Sciences Challenge, and the concepts required to implement it.

What it does

Scifinder provides a mechanism for publically viewing information about equipment stored and/or in-use at various facilities, as well as information about those facilities.

How we built it

The Project is built using Java Springboot for the Backend, and a combination of a react and a custom frontend. Data is stored in a sqlite3 database, though the project can be configured to any number of types of databases.

Challenges we ran into

Many issues were present in attempting to use various technologies, including the database. Additionally, a number of challenges were from delaying fixes while waiting for better solutions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Mechanism for storing (and querying) Equipment Listings represents one of, in my opinion, our greatest accomplishments.

What we learned

Do not delay implementing a solution to a problem, by waiting for a better solution that may not even function.

What's next for Scifinder

An implementation of Discretionary Access Controls, to allow Facility Coordinators to add, modify, and remove equipment listings, and control the users who are authorized to do so.

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