The inspiration for this project is the way that all people in our group have scientist to thank that have led us to be able to pursue the major that we are in right now and that we all love the scientist and admire them for who they are, this idea came from the lack of knowledge for some of the them throughout the community and this would be a quick and fun way to learn about the people who made our world to be this good for the future

What it does

So what this project does is, it uses Unity as a program to be able to portray information about different scientist throughout history that are significant to different parts to our current life and others too, allowing every time a picture of a certain scientist is shown some fun facts and info about that person is shown helping learn more about them and more fun.

How we built it

We first how to use Unity in general as we came in with little to no knowledge of how this works at all, and we used YouTube tutorials, Vuforia and a lot of trial and errors to make it. We printed pictures of the scientist that we thought of and then we used that to insert it into unity and every single person has a little info about them and their contribution.

Challenges we ran into

Since the beginning, we suffered through a lot of problems, one of them was just working Unity and how Augmented Reality worked, we had to switch plan to something more doable late into the night to be able to finish this project and learn something still. Making a free standing object with AR was the most difficult, hence we resourced to having it spawn in a piece of paper from a picture that would call for the object that we desire.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the project in general was a really big accomplishment for us, even though that we were not able to do the initial plan of a game with AR, we were able to learn how the basics of AR worked in general and make something with it, even with the time constraints and the large switch of plans we were able to make a product that we were happy for being able to finish it.

What we learned

We learned the pain of working with Unity and AR, and now a general hang of how AR works with a very basic knowledge, only knowing how to make things appear with pictures, and not freestanding that was an upset, but is something that we hope that will be worked up.

What's next for Scientist AR helper

In the plan for this project we want to be able to add more scientist and a timeline that will help tel where each scientist is in the scope of time. This will help kids and the public know about the significance of the people of the past and the great strives humans have made over the hundreds of years.

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