Bowel cancer is the second most diagnosed cancers among 50 to 75 age group

Australian Bowel screen assist in early detection but you never really hear about treatment and life after treatment

Often surgery is indicated with the reconstrucrion of the digestive tract and the formation of an ostomy

Living with a stoma can be debilitating imagine if the bag that was holding your poop broke on the golf course, party or social outing

It’s no wonder people experience physical and mental anguish as a result

Due to variations in size of stomas colostomy bag adhesives need to be hand cut with scissors which itself is difficult. If adhesives are not cut correctly the results are disastrous leading to skin degradation, infection, effecting not only on physical health but mental health and overall quality of life.

What we have developed Is a product that simply cuts the colostomy bags to size that is easy to handle and adjustable giving independence and quality of life to many living with treatment outcomes of bowel cancer

The prototype was designed by engineering team initially with cad software, 3D printing and old fashioned hand machining.

Challenges we ran into

Time and having to navigate all the different platforms, issues with 3D printing and material selection

Accomplishments that we're proud of proof of concept with prototype and the value proposition that this represents to the already $85 million dollars Ostomy industry in Australia

What we learned, always keep pushing forward and finding the fastest way around things to produce the best prototypes, move fast and break stuff

What's next for ScienticansInc We need to partner up with one of the major suppliers of Ostomy products so that we can move forward in getting out product to market and in the hands of users

Secure a provisional patent to take the prototype to possible customer channels

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