Inspiration We took high school chemistry and physics courses. We were annoyed at how long it took to plug in all the numbers for an equation, and do the algebra to solve it. This detracted the actual science we were trying to do.

What it does Science solver is a website that has reference tables for different science classes, right now if you click on the chemistry one, it will give you a prompt for entering values to solve for density, mass, or volume with the basic density equation. We hope to add the rest of the equations so that when you click a certain one on the reference table, it will solve it.

How we built it We used html and css to create the layout of the website. JavaScript was used to run functions to solve the equations once the values were input.

Challenges we ran into We used jquery for making the prompts appear when the button was clicked. Our web browser was not recognizing the syntax for that, so we had to download the library in a different way. Another challenge was getting a button for every equation on the reference table.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We have very little coding experience, and have not worked in html until today, so accomplishing what we did was huge.

What we learned We learned a lot about html and a little about javascript, along with what coding is really like and how to approach problem solving.

What's next for Science Solver We will add more reference tables and make the website available for students.

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