We wanted to help researchers collect data by connecting with citizens. This has the dual purpose of allowing scientists to gather information about any place in the world or with any type of person by providing a platform for them to ask everyday people for help and getting citizens excited about contributing to science by gamifying research.

What it does

We would develop a mobile application that provides users with a personalized list of "quests" based on their geographic location and personal characteristics. These quests are created by researchers and are a way of having users collect data. As an example, a researcher is looking for data on bird populations in a particular state. They would submit a request that the NatureQuest team would approve, and users in that state would see a quest to take pictures of birds in the area. They would submit the pictures and researchers would approve pictures that fulfilled the quest requirements, and the users would see their quest marked as complete.

The incentive for the user is to develop a personal space decorated with rewards from the various quests they have completed. These rewards are chosen by the researcher for each quest they complete and can include virtual aesthetics such as furniture, clothing, or even environmental features like trees and animals. Users can invite their friends into their virtual space to show off the work they've done.

How we built it

We have created visual graphics of main screens within the app to show content. We also are using Android Studio, to create a demo to show functionality.

Challenges we ran into

Balancing the experience of the game with the functionality of science and research. Funding the App: Free to Public, Researcher- pay per quest posted
Critical Volume of Userbase Determining target audience Accountability of Daily Objectives

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an idea for a platform to creatively connect researchers and citizens.

What we learned

Key Questions about participation in research and interaction with Nature.

What's next for NatureQuest

Determine startup costs What audience base to jumpstart from. Develop website to help spread information to low tech countries and areas: Focused on Environmental Education

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