Inspiration: One of our group members wondered why there isn't a cure for Parkinson's Disease. He then stepped back and realized that just like him, there are others who wonder about other uncured and unsolved problems. What began as an interest on Parkinson's disease, resulted as a web app that raises awareness.

What it does: Wikipedia lists the unsolved problems in the world. Unsolved math, philosophy, uncured diseases etc., Our web app aggregates all the problems.

Challenges: Styling the webpages was the most difficult part because we all have minimal experience with CSS.

Accomplishments: We learned how to setup a basic database to store values, and how to create an app on Google AppEngine.

What's next for Sci-Collab: In theory, we want our website to include a countdown to incentivize solutions to cures and other problems. Other next steps would be to market the app to other coders, so they can refine it to attract scientists.

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Pocket Scientist posted an update

Congratulations we did it!

Now. Why is this Sci-Collab going to be important? It aggregates all the world's unsolved problems. The website will need and people will want more features. The features that the website ultimate operate with will never have existed anywhere else. That is exciting? That is transformative? That could change lives?

Next steps:

  1. Countdowns from for each problem and images from for the website from

Why: Doing this will raise awareness for someone who knows a person suffering or discouraged with the problem, someone working on trying to solve the problem, and/or someone offering financial support but doesn't have a clear understanding on the length of time to a resolution.

  1. Please include deep learning from and/or for the countdown widgets.

Why: There is never a point in history where these problems are all listed and the research is digitized with deep learning technology available. Your work will matter. You can see what this will do as you begin working on it. Learn how impactful this could be by just asking around what people think of this.

  1. Please integrate python's beautiful soup to web crawl scientific journals from for cures and solutions.

Why: There are hundreds of expensive scientific journals schools and institutions cannot afford. More and more are going public. Sci-Collab is a movement toward open science. Open science is doing good for others around the world. The information about open science is here -

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