Whenever I sit on the toilet, I always remember to bring my phone with me. What is a pooping session without my trusty phone? As a statistician I've always been interested to see whether or not there is a relationship between different variables related to location and mobile phones in relation to pooping. Do we poop more at home? Where do we poop the most? How does pooping affect our mood for that day? These questions, and perhaps with a little bit of crude shameless humor, are what led me to create Scht.

Scht utilizes 4 API's in order to bring many features to the mobile/pooping industry! It uses Google Maps to help users visualize the concentrations of their Schts, Firebase for real time Scht data (and storage of coordinates and special information, Facebook API for maximum sharing ability and shamelessness, and finally Parse's database for storing pictures of poo, urinals, clogged toilet, and other related business. Every time the user opens the app, (preferably while they are pooping of course) the user can describe their pooping experience, log their coordinates into the database, share their experience through a Facebook status and even take a picture! Users will not only be able to see their own poop markers, but the poop markers of others as well. Clicking on a marker will show a name, date, description, and a picture of that poo session.

I am most proud of my camera integration with the google maps markers. Not only did I have to store the camera image in Parse database, but in order to efficiently retrieve the information, I had to perform a high quality resize, store objectIDs in firebase to retrieve the photos from the Parse object faster, and create custom build info windows and markers for the image to be integrated with google maps. This allowed users to enjoy a visual perspective of pooping.

My application is specifically designed for shamless individuals who take pride and joy in their schts. These are individuals that are willing to let themselves go and have fun with an app that allows people to share their pooping experiences with each other. Scht has the potential to become a social experiment about human shamelessness and our ability to put aside differences to joke about insecurities that all humans share. Scht also has the potential to revolutionize the quick-photo mobile market. As quick-photo sharing applications such as snapchat are becoming the trend, Scht provides the appropriate starting technology to establish location-based quick-photo markets. Features to be added include potential battle games to fight each other's poo, a history and a section dedicated to individual analysis of past pooping experiences complete with graphs and statistical data, and the ability to take videos with your poops so that we can not only see, but also hear as well.

This is perhaps one of my biggest projects at a hackathon, not just because it was a solo mission, but mainly because of the many new APIs and SDKs that I had to work with simultaneously. I am proud of what I achieved here and I hope people will enjoy my app here at MHacks, and potentially on the apple store as well.

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