Lukman's, Shahida, Saleema's stories around difficulty of fitting in and support they needed.

What it does

SchoolTribe helps teachers to better understand the new arrivals in their classes by having additional background context on the new pupils. This information drives customised lesson plans and other activities to help the teacher plan exercises that help the new students fit in better. The background information is captured in a new pupil pack by NGOs like SSI and teachers can route information back to SSI (for language support, for example).

How I built it

The concept is for a web-based subscription service in the first instance. This would be offered to individual schools or larger organisations such as the Department of Education.

Challenges I ran into

Shaping the initial focus of the offering.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Delivering a concept that can be ideated and potentially lead to an actual service being built.

What I learned

  • I built empathy around the plight of refugees.
  • Using lists in developing new ideas.
  • Techniques used by teachers to integrate into the classrooms.
  • Brainstorming as a team and collaborate.
  • Address the problem, not the symptoms.
  • Lean canvas is a good way to solve the problem.

What's next for SchoolTribe

Actually, build a working MVP focused on Learning Plans.

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