This theme was presented by Alif Ailaan and it struck a chord in each team member's heart. We are all from different backgrounds and hope to alleviate the aches of parents and students alike, as well as improve our schooling system. Our project, SchoolSource, will provide a platform which will help citizens select schools for their children as well as review schools and voice their concerns. Stripped down to basics it is "Yelp!" for schools.

If you are a parent looking for schools for your child in a given area then SchoolSource is the right app for you. SchoolSource understands that each stakeholder in a school has different priorities and therefore our app provides you with a variety of criteria to find and rate them. These criteria include the availability of facilities (toilets, water, teaching staff, teaching aids), hygiene, school systems etc.

When you choose to ‘find a school’, you can filter results by location (city) and the aforementioned criteria. Once you select a school in the app, you are directed to the school information page which includes the average user rating and a concise summary about the school. You can choose to view other users' reviews regarding this school or rate the school yourself if you'd like.

If you are interested in rating schools, the ‘rate a school’ option allows you to rate and comment on various criteria mentioned. Additionally you can also upload images for each criteria mentioned.

Our project will also aid overseas Pakistanis whose families are still in the country to select appropriate schools for their children. It will also inform them of the on ground situation of schools in Pakistan and empower them to help where possible.

Crowd-sourcing the reviews will give policy makers and the media a raw view of what is actually happening in public and private schools, empowering them to pressure associated authorities. We hope that this detailed feedback on schools will be used to help concerned parents and eventually leverage the power of the people to improve our schooling system.


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