We believe that school counselors and teachers should have a website to direct parents/guardians to, so that they can apply for the USDA school lunch program. Now they have an easy-to-use and sharable solution,

What it does

Like many enrollment sites on the web, helps users complete an application by walking them step-by-step through the necessary information collection process.

How we built it

We made the process of collecting a user's information simple and fast by designing a web application that clearly states all the required inputs for the USDA National School Lunch Program and encourages accurate form completion.

Challenges we ran into

User accessibility was our greatest challenge. We needed to come up with a solution that could reach our diverse audience groups and guide them through a somewhat cumbersome application process. With parents/guardians can apply to this wonderful meal program via their mobile devices or desktop computer at work or at home. Basically, with if you have an internet connection you can now quickly and easily apply for participation in the USDA's National School Lunch Program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By making the site accessible via both desktop and mobile interfaces we believe that has a great potential of reaching and guiding parents/guardians through the USDA school lunch program application process.

What we learned

School counselors and teachers love it. We interviewed several real-world educators and they said, it was an updated solution to a common problem, i.e. getting students in-need enrolled in the USDA school lunch program.

What's next for SchoolLunch.Club

We are live today. So check us out at:

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