Many schools have poorly managed student-teacher communication systems. Even my school utilizes a poorly built student-teacher communication system, and I believed that I had to create my own app that could solve this problem. This falls under the Quality Education SDG.

What it does

Currently, the app shows your list of classes for the day, and any messages sent by the school regarding upcoming events or registrations. There is also a login page to login into your dashboard. Furthermore, there is a chat function, wherein students can communicate with other students and teachers to get help regarding textbook questions or homework. There is also a welfare tab, wherein students can communicate with the student welfare coordinator to seek help. These messages are not shared with other students.

How we built it

Java and XML on Android Studio

Challenges we ran into

Time was the biggest challenge since I could only start with 6 hours remaining

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing at least a basic prototype of the app was a huge achievement.

What we learned

How to create login pages and listviews.

What's next for Schoolify

Hopefully, I continue to work on the app, and it might one day go on the play store.

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