With the current pandemic and an unforeseen resolution, communication within the school environment has been heavily impacted. Pre-covid, students would stay updated on school events and clubs through bulletin boards or daily announcements. However, with virtual learning, students are distanced from these updates and often miss online club events. There is no central "hub" where students can be connected with the school despite virtual learning. Each club operates independently using different online tools which makes it hard for students to navigate and stay informed. This lack of information and connection has had a severe impact on students' extracurricular life which in turn affects their mental health. School hub offers a unique solution to this problem.

What it does:

 SchoolHub offers a streamlined platform that acts as a centralized location for all school updates. Users can get access to general school announcements, upcoming school events, and school clubs. Teachers have the authorization to publish school announcements, make events, make clubs and assign club presidents. These club presidents have the authorization to update their respective club announcements and events. General students get access to all this information in an efficient way. Students are also able to easily find contact information for guidance and staff.

How we built it:

SchoolHub is an educational software that runs on the use of Flask, Python, HTML, and CSS. We First designed the pages for our website using the design tool called Figma. We have also used a range of libraries including, bootstrap and, Squalchemy to further improve the appearance of our website.

Challenges we ran into:

 We struggled with a few things during this hackathon. Most notably, we couldn't integrate the google API, the UI elements were not static on the site, and we were not very familiar with flask.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We identified a problem in our schools, cultivated a solution, and brought it to fruition through the Flask framework, HTML, and CSS. We developed a visually appealing site that can be used to effectively manage school clubs. We were very ambitious and achieved most of our goals.

What we learned:

 SchoolHub was built using Python (Flask), HTML, and CSS. However, prior to this hackathon, our team had little knowledge of Flask as we had never built a full-scale application before. Thus, the process of developing SchoolHub enhanced our knowledge of Python. Furthermore, this hackathon taught us how to work efficiently under pressure, and the importance of organization. We believe that this knowledge will help us perform even better in our next hackathon.

What's next for SchoolHub:

 Currently, SchoolHub can be used only by the TDSB, but we are ambitious to expand SchoolHub's reach to multiple school boards in Ontario. We are optimistic that, eventually, we will be able to make SchoolHub an application that all schools in Ontario can use

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