Imagine this. You’re applying for university, you need a place to keep track of your grades, coursework, and the requirements you need for your top choice, but there’s no service for that anywhere. They say that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, but why has there not been a solution made to address the most important decision of any student? Why can’t us students plan for our future right from services like Google Classroom or Edsby? That’s why we created SchoolCentre.

What it does

SchoolCentre is an all-in-one interactive platform for students to keep track of their assignments, grades, and future goals. Teachers have an option to add assignments synced to their student’s Google Calendar as well as their to-do-list. Grades can also be inputted and displayed in a dynamic line graph that changes based on the current performance of the student. Finally, SchoolCentre will suggest possible universities that each student can apply to based on their interests and averages.

How it’s built

We separated this project into its components such as Firebase authentication, material charts in JavaScript, Angular draggable todo lists, submission forms, and database integration all handled through Firebase. We delegated these roles to each team member and combined them at the final hour.


When we split the development roles into working with separate languages, such as JavaScript, HTML, and AngularJS, we were aiming to combine the back and front end together in the end. However, we ran into some problems that resulted in code having to be deleted and rewritten in order to merge and finalize our code.

What we learned

Building server with Firebase, data management, front/back end web development, AngularJS, ChartJS, Google Calendar API

What's next for SchoolCentre

We plan to continue to pursue our project as we feel SchoolCentre can help students become more stress relieved while simultaneously preparing them for post-secondary education. We hope to integrate the features of more popular platforms into SchoolCentre.

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